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Thread: Changing spark plugs

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    Changing spark plugs

    Has anyone got a how to guide for changing all 6 spak plugs, I did search and found a user called Ferrina mention a how to guide on his website but there was no link to his site.

    Any ideas?

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    Here we go for a fortwo, ... The Roadster one is quite similar IIRC. Just off with the rear panel ..

    Lots of stuff here too -

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    Its not a really hard job to do. You will need a HT remover which will help you get the HT lead off the plug then after that is sort of easy. Just done me dads a couple of days ago.

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    Have a look at the fq101 site, it has a whole step by step easy to use guide
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    I managed to change all 6 of mine last week myself without removing the rear panel and windows (coupe).

    I however removed a section about 8" x 4" behind my number plate (that is covered when the number plate is put back on) so I could get my hand or hands all the way in. This is still a fiddly job, but far easier than removing the rear panels and possibly damaging them.

    Be careful when using the lead removal tool, my leads were firmly fixed and on numerous occasions it would slip off and I bashed and cut my hands on the rear crash bar, however the worst slip saw me slice a lead in half when it got caught on one of the removal tool hooks. Sadly the lead did not heal itself unlike my bruised and bleeding hands.

    Good luck, it's worth it and think of all the money you have saved!


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    Hey, if your working on your car, and you dont get cuts on your hand.. you've not done it properly!

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